4 Mar 2013

Taranaki residents concerned at amount of drilling

9:13 pm on 4 March 2013

A North Taranaki dairy farmer says the area where he lives is turning into a large industrial zone due to the rapid expansion in oil and gas activity.

Residents in the small town of Tikorangi, near Waitara, have called a public meeting to discuss Greymouth Petroleum and Todd Energy drilling at several wellsites in the town.

Gavin Faull, the area's largest dairy farm owner and businessman, says residents' concerns about increased noise and heavy traffic are not being heard.

"Three or four oil wells over the last 20 years is not a major issue, but now there's going to be 50 maybe 60 holes drilled and of course there's going to be an industrial site.

"This is what's concerning the farmers, it's concerning the lifestyle people. I've heard of people (saying) they'll be selling and leaving."

Mr Faull, who is on the board of economic agency Venture Taranaki, and other residents have called a public meeting on Tuesday to express their concerns.