19 Sep 2023

Election 2023: All the latest developments on 19 September

10:07 pm on 19 September 2023

Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon faced off for the 1News party leaders' debate tonight.

After spending the day downplaying their debating abilities, the pair clashed over tax, crime, health and co-governance in the first debate between them ahead of the election.

Co-governance led to some of the most animated exchanges. On the Māori Health Authority, National leader Christopher Luxon claimed it has created an unnecessary second health system.

Labour leader Chris Hipkins interjected insisting Māori and government were stronger when working together andLuxon looked visabily frustrated. Luxon stood by co-governance for Treaty settlements but not for national public services.

In a lighter moment, the pair were asked about what they admired in each other - and gave almost identical answers.

Hipkins admired Luxon's commitment to the job as opposition leader while also being a family man - while Luxon said he admired Hipkins taking on the job of prime minister and also mentioned him being a family man.

Both men were asked to admit to their worst quality.

Luxon nominated his determination.

Hipkins said with a smile: "I probably need to delegate more".

See how the debate unfolded:

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