18 Sep 2023

Election 2023: All the latest developments on 18 September

8:15 pm on 18 September 2023

Labour's campaign manager Megan Woods is ruling out doing a deal with the Greens in seats that are tight for the centre-left at present as a way to help both parties' chances in a tough election race.

"Noone is talking about doing any deals. I certainly can tell you from a Labour Party perspective that we're out there in every seat, we're asking for two ticks Labour and we're looking to maximise the Labour vote," she told Checkpoint.

Woods, who is also Labour's energy spokesperson, said the party's announcement about rooftop solar and battery rebates today showed both Labour and the Greens had "a shared vision" on pursuing policies that would cut emissions, unlike National and ACT who were opposing everything that would help respond to climate change.

However, it was not the time for the two parties to make some form of pragmatic arrangement in some seats.

She also denied that the solar panel policy was a way of grabbing the green vote, it had been a focus for Labour during its current term in government, including using solar heating in public housing.

If elected Labour will offer a rebate of up to $4000 on roof top solar panel and battery systems for home owners.

Woods agreed Labour's latest policy would only be taken up by homeowners on good incomes who could either afford to buy solar panels or be willing to borrow with some banks offering zero percent interest loans to carry out the work.

People would save $850 a year in energy costs which was worthwhile, especially in the current economic climate, she said.

Experience in countries such as Australia, the US and Canada showed it was "having some form of government incentives that kickstarts it".

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