1 Oct 2010


9:26 pm on 1 October 2010

Archery reappears on the sporting agenda in Delhi - the first time the event has been staged since the Brisbane Games in 1982, where New Zealand legend Neroli Fairhall claimed a gold medal from her wheelchair against a full field of able-bodied competitors.

This year, the compound discipline features for the first time at a Commonwealth Games. A compound bow is one that features a series of round-off pulleys or cams that allow arrows to be shot with greater accuracy.

Also on the programme are recurve events, which use a different bow, require more strength and are part of the Olympic Games.

The New Zealand squad is led by Shaun Teasdale, 21, and includes Tony Waddick, 42, of Invercargill and 23-year-old World Championship bronze medallist Stephen Clifton.

In September, Teasdale finished fourth in the final of the Archery World Cup held in Edinburgh, narrowly missing out on a bronze medal. Earlier in the competition, he won the men's individual compound event during the Shanghai leg of the World Cup. In the same event, Clifton finished in 17th place and Waddick was 33rd.

The women's team is made up of Stephanie Croskery, Mandy McGregor, 38, and 19-year-old Anne Mitchell.

Croskery, 20, finished ninth overall in the women's compound division at the Shanghai leg of the Archery World Cup and is New Zealand's top-ranked archer in the women's 70m compound.

When and where

There are eight archery events at the Delhi Games - four events each for men and women. All will be held at the Yamuna Sports Complex from 4-10 October.

NZ team

Men: Shaun Teasdale (Auckland), Stephen Clifton (Auckland), Tony Waddick (Invercargill).

Women: Stephanie Croskery (Gisborne), Mandy McGregor (New Plymouth), Anne Mitchell (Balclutha).

Athletes' profiles sourced from www.olympic.org.nz and event information sourced from http://www.cwgdelhi2010.org