22 Jan 2020

Farmers pay $15k for super-breeder ram

12:35 pm on 22 January 2020

Two sheep breeders in Southland have paid a whopping $15,500 for a Perendale ram at a stock sale in Gore.

A Mount Guardian Perendale ram

File photo of a Perendale ram on a Canterbury farm. Ayers says Romney breeding rams can cost even more. Photo: RNZ/Cosmo Kentish-Barnes

Warren Ayers, who farms hear Wyndham, bought the ram along with Dave McKelvie.

"It was the ideal ram and you pay what you have to pay sometimes to get the best ram you can," Ayers said.

He would get about 30 baby rams a year from his new super breeder for five years, which made the high purchase price worthwhile.

In the past he has paid even more for rams.

"For Perendales, our family business has paid up to $22,500.

"If you are in the breeding game you have to buy what suits your your type of sheep the best and keep your genetics as good as you possibly can."

Perendales were not always the most valuable, he added. Romney breeding rams could cost twice as much.