16 Nov 2018

NZ's famed 'cutest' sheep take over social media

7:08 pm on 16 November 2018

The sheep dubbed the world's cutest seem to be living up to their name with social media users around the world sharing the story of their appearance at the Agricultural Show in Christchurch.

Only a handful of farmers in New Zealand are breeding the Valois Blacknose.

One of them, Christine Reed, who took some of the sheep to the show, describes the Blacknose as looking like a poodle that's in fact a sheep, with their fluffy faces and curly topknot.

Social media users agreed - with thousands of likes and shares on RNZ's Facebook, and one Twitter user in the UK saying it is time to give politics a rest and appreciate the cuteness.

And yes, we know they're actually a Swiss breed, but let's not split fibres.

Some weren't entirely convinced they were real...

The story reached more than 45,000 website readers and 73,000 on RNZ's Facebook page, with thousands of likes and comments, and hundreds sharing the story.

The fluffy blacknose sheep (and their ankle socks) now have their own Reddit threads.

Breeding in New Zealand started relatively recently, with enthusiasts forming syndicates to import embryos from the UK, to start flocks here. But they're been bred in Switzerland for hundreds of years, the BBC says.

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