30 Oct 2018

Rare ultra-high strength mānuka honey retails for $1800

7:13 pm on 30 October 2018

A Christchurch-based company has unveiled a rare honey with a bee-wildering price tag.

Manuka South.

Manuka South. Photo: Manuka South / Supplied

Manuka South will release an ultra-high strength limited edition honey costs about $1800 for a 250 gram jar.

The honey is targetted towards international tourists with only three hundred jars on offer.

Manuka South's Sam Haines said the potent honey would appeal to enthusiasts seeking a unique gift to consume, collect or display.

"Some customers also buy them as special gifts. Just like a fine vintage wine or 50 year old whisky, this will be sought after by consumers seeking the best possible mānuka honey," Mr Haines said.

"Strong market demand for mānuka honey is driving the increase in hive numbers with expansion led by both corporate and iwi investment."

The honey comes in a sustainably-sourced oak case, gold spoon, rose gold gating and a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.

Mr Haines said mānuka honey comes with a high price tag because bees only have a six week window to collect the nectar.