Springs created by quake cause flooding

12:22 pm on 16 June 2011

Springs and wells have surfaced in Christchurch's Heathcote Valley as a result of earthquakes that have hit the region, causing flooding problems for more than 50 properties.

The water basin in the valley rose in the 22 February earthquake and the situation worsened after strong aftershocks on Monday.

A spring under Grant Windsor's home appeared within days of February's earthquake. Before Monday, he said, water was flowing from underneath the house at a rate of 1 litre a minute, and after it had increased to up to 10 litres a minute.

Many other homes in the area have springs or pools of water on their properties

The community meets regularly to try and sort out a solution with the various authorities EQC, Christchurch City Council and contractors but as yet no-one knows what is causing the flooding or who should fix it.

In addition to the problem of flooding, a rockfall in the area had ruined some homes, and still threatens many more.

More large rocks to tumbled down the hillside on Monday, making geotechnical assessments of the area even more treacherous to complete.