1 Apr 2019

Today's business news: What you need to know

4:53 pm on 1 April 2019

Latest - Telecommunications company Spark is on the hunt for a media company to help grow its content subscription service Lightbox.

Lightbox logo

Photo: Lightbox.co.nz

Spark said it knows its Lightbox platform needs to invest in content, and it wants either a local or international media company to help it do that.

At the moment, Spark buys external content to play on Lightbox.

ACC partners with US start-up

The Accident Compensation Corporation is partnering with a Silicon Valley start-up consulting business.

It's part of ACC's move to find new ways to push injury prevention and reduce its costs as the scheme grows more expensive.

The United States firm will help ACC get closer to insurance technology start-ups while ACC will use them to test their technology ideas and could even co-invest in them or buy them.

Promisia Integrative to defend MoH charges

The chairman of the struggling health supplement company, Promisia Integrative, said the past year has been its most trying yet.

The Ministry of Health laid nine charges against Promisia over its marketing earlier this year and its sales have suffered following a number of official health warnings against its Arthrem product.

The chair Stephen Underwood said it'll defend the charges, but the company won't invest any money in the New Zealand market until the outcome of the court process is known.

Heartland Bank offers bonds to clear debt

The financial services company is planning to raise at least $75 million through the sale of five-year bonds.

The notes will mature in April 2024 and have a minimum annual interest rate of 3.5 percent.