23 Dec 2017

Summer warning to workaholics: switch off

9:46 am on 23 December 2017

While most people are enjoying a summer break, workaholics may be struggling to relax and make the most of the holidays, a recruiter says.

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The general manager of recruitment firm Robert Half, Megan Alexander, said anyone with a drive to succeed in their career can end up living a workaholic lifestyle.

"Any bona fide workaholic will tell you hard work pays off. Sometimes working overly long hours and even catching up on work on the weekends just sneaks up on you," she said.

However, non-stop work could have a serious impact on work-life balance, she said.

"Working non-stop and feeling uncomfortable at the thought of taking annual leave for a holiday can lead to an unhealthy form of workaholism, which in the long run can be unproductive and unrewarding," she said.

Signs to beware of included being the first to arrive and the last to leave work, a lack of hobbies or other interests, a feeling of being constantly stressed and never taking a lunch break.

Ms Alexander said it was important for people to set clear boundaries between work and play, which included a time to switch off from work-related matters.