6 Apr 2016

Ewen Macdonald's parole conditions to end in six months

6:23 pm on 6 April 2016

Parole conditions surrounding the release of Ewen Macdonald, will continue until October, with today marking what would have been his statutory release day.

Macdonald was found not guilty of the 2010 murder of his brother-in-law Scott Guy but was later jailed for five years for arson, vandalism and killing livestock.

He was released in November last year, following a Parole Board hearing and was required to comply with several strict parole conditions, including not entering the North Island.

A board spokesperson said Ewen Macdonald was subject to the standard conditions set out in the Parole Act, and these would continue for six months from today.

Today was Macdonald's statutory release date, the last day he could be kept in prison if he had not already been released on parole.

The spokesperson said this meant Macdonald could be recalled for breaking his conditions from today and if he did not comply that would mean a court would need to provide sanction.