8 Mar 2016

Delay in Auckland housing hearing decision

1:31 pm on 8 March 2016

The independent panel considering Auckland's Unitary Plan has put off deciding whether housing proposals withdrawn by the council remain valid.

A political revolt by councillors had forced the council to withdraw some of its higher density proposals, and witnesses supporting it.

Housing New Zealand told the panel it wanted to adopt some of the evidence and still wanted to cross-examine council witnesses.

The panel chair, Judge David Kirkpatrick, said a decision would be made later on the status of the evidence, which the council not longer supported.

A lawyer for Auckland 2040, which has led opposition to some higher density, has argued that evidence not supported by the witness who authored it cannot remain valid.

The panel decision will play a big part in deciding the role that the council can play in the final and most contentious hearings on the Unitary Plan, which is due to be completed by October.