20 Oct 2015

Students targeted in Wellington home invasion

5:37 pm on 20 October 2015

Wellington police are appealing for help after a home invasion targeted a group of students on Saturday evening.

The invasion happened at about 10.30pm on Saturday night on Adelaide Road, in Newtown.

Police said the two suspects were armed with extendable batons, and forced themselves into the home - warning the four students not to call the police.

One is described as a white man in his twenties, of skinny build, and about 6 feet tall.

He had blonde hair that hung over his face and was wearing a grey hoodie.

The other, also white and in his twenties, had a larger build and was more than 6 feet tall.

He had a scruffy beard and wore a black t-shirt.

Police said electronic equipment - including laptops and a television - was stolen, and the students no longer wanted to stay at the address.