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Sunday 11 February 2018 Rātapu 11 Hui-tanguru 2018

  • 12:04 AM. All Night Programme

    12:05 Music after Midnight; 12:30 Taking Off by Roger Hall (2 of 6, RNZ); 1:05 Our Changing World (RNZ); 1:45 Are We There Yet? (RNZ); 2:05 Heart and Soul (BBC); 2:35 Hymns on Sunday 3:05 Rangatira - by Paula Morris (5 of 10, RNZ); 3:30 CrowdScience (BBC); 4:30 Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi (RNZ) 5:10 Living With the Gods (BBC); 5:45 Historical Highlight (RNZ)

  • 6:08 AM. Storytime

    The Odyssey, by Homer, told by Peter Vere-Jones; Cool Cool Joanna, by Kay Mooney, told by Lloyd Scott; The Parcel that Captured Lucy, by Marie Stuttard, told by Jennifer Ward-Lealand; Easy Cake, by Norman Bilbrough, told by Roy Ward; Midnight Adventure, by Patricia Batten, told by Bronwyn Bradley; Jace and the White Elephant by Janice Leitch told by Brian Sergent (RNZ)

  • 7:10 AM. Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman

    A fresh attitude on current affairs, the news behind the news, in-depth documentaries, sport from the outfield, politics from the insiders, plus Mediawatch, 'The House' and music

    7:35 The House

    Legislation, issues and insights from Parliament (RNZ)

    8:10 Insight

    An award-winning documentary programme providing comprehensive coverage of national and international current affairs (RNZ)

    9:06 Mediawatch

    Critical examination and analysis of recent performance and trends in New Zealand's news media (RNZ)

  • 12:12 PM. Standing Room Only with Lynn Freeman

    It's an 'all access pass' to what's happening in the worlds of arts and entertainment

    1:10 At The Movies

    A weekly topical magazine programme about current film releases and film-related topics (RNZ)

    2:05 The Laugh Track

  • 3:04 PM. The 3 O'Clock Drama

    New Zealand Refugee by Moira Wairama

    A thriller about the effects of the student loans system on the next generation of New Zealanders. (RNZ)

  • 4:06 PM. World Questions

    The Future of Spain: As the new parliament of the province of Catalonia takes its seats, Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of politicians and thinkers come together with a public audience in Madrid to debate the prospect of Catalonia breaking away from Spain. They also address the role of the monarchy and how the country addresses its past history of violence (BBC)

  • 5:00 PM. The World at Five

    A roundup of today's news and sport

  • 5:10 PM. Heart and Soul

    The Right Thing:  2. Bishop Daniel:  In the second programme of a CTVC series talking to   people who, in the face of the most difficult situations imaginable, did what they felt was right to   Daniel Deng Abot recalls his tenuous life as one of Southern Sudan’s ‘Lost Boys’ – around 20,000 child refugees who made it into neighbouring countries without their parents, escaping Sudan’s civil war. He eventually made a new life in Australia, but then answered a call to give up everything and return to South Sudan, now embroiled in its own civil war. (BBC)

  • 5:40 PM. Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi

    A round-up of the Maori news for the week with our Te Manu Korihi team (RNZ)

  • 6:06 PM. Te Ahi Kaa

    Exploring issues and events from a tangata whenua perspective (RNZ)

  • 6:40 PM. Voices

    Highlighting the activities and experiences of people with different backgrounds (RNZ)

  • 7:05 PM. The TED Radio Hour

    A crafted hour of ideas worth sharing presented by Guy Raz (NPR)

  • 8:06 PM. Sunday Night with Grant Walker

    An evening of music and nostalgia (RNZ)

  • 10:00 PM. The 10 O'Clock Report

    A roundup of today's news and sport

  • 10:12 PM. Mediawatch

    Critical examination and analysis of recent performance and trends in New Zealand's news media (RNZ)

  • 10:45 PM. The House

    Legislation, issues and insights from Parliament (RNZ)

  • 11:04 PM. The Retro Cocktail Hour

    An hour of music that's "shaken, not stirred" every week from the Underground Martini Bunker at Kansas Public Radio (KPR)

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