5 May 2019

Word Christchurch festival 2018: Ed Husain debates his book The House of Islam

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The Guardian called Ed Husain’s first book, The Islamist, ‘a wake-up call to monocultural Britain’. In his new title, The House of Islam, Husain, a former Islamic radical, sets out the fundamentals of the religion and argues that it must fight its enemies from within if it is to resist successfully accusations from without of inherent violence and extremism.


Ed Husain

Ed Husain Photo: Wikimedia Commons

About the author

Ed Husain is the author of The Islamist, a memoir of his time inside radical Islam. He now advises governments and political leaders on Islam and is well known for his journalism and media appearances. His latest book is The House of Islam.



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Photo: Word Christchurch

This audio was recorded in partnership with 2018 Word Christchurch Festival. Its next season is scheduled for May 2019, and the full festival returns in 2020.