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Waitangi Day 2021 for Monday 6 February 2017

News and interviews from Waitangi; Dr Hirini Kaa - Why Cringe at Waitangi?; Media panel on coverage of Waitangi events; Heather Te Au-Skipworth discusses Iron Maori; Roimata Smail, Gilbert Taurua and Aaron Smale on the Corrections Claim; Paora Ammunson at home in the Wairarapa; Andrew Judd fighting prejudice; music with Ollie Wards and Hinewehi Mohi

Hinewehi Mohi

Hinewehi Mohi (Ngati Kahungunu, Ngai Tuhoe) sparked controversy when she sung just the Maori version of 'God Defend New Zealand' at a World Cup rugby match in 1999. Hinewehi writes waiata and sings only in Maori and is a strong supporter of Maori musicians and the industry in Aotearoa. Following the birth of her daughter with cerebral palsy, she established the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre.

Ollie Wards

Ollie Wards is a Kiwi who works in Australia as a content director at Triple J - the cutting edge music station at the ABC which every year counts down the 'Hottest 100' songs on Australia Day, January 26. This year Ollie found himself in the middle of a heated debate amid calls for the countdown to be shifted to a new date, away from what indigenous Australians refer to as Invasion Day - a day of mourning, rather than celebration.

Andrew Judd

Andrew Judd is the former mayor of New Plymouth who describes himself as a 'recovering racist' after experiencing a severe backlash to his proposals for Maori rights on the district council. He was spat at and abused in the street over his failed attempt to introduce a Maori ward in New Plymouth - but the experience made him examine his own attitudes towards Maori, and spurred him on to fight prejudice.

Paora Ammunson

In November last year, more than 7,000 school children in Wairarapa took part in a record-breaking haka, 'Ko Wairarapa', written 30 years ago by Paora Ammunson (Te Arawa, Rangitane and Ngati Kahungunu) when he returned to his turangawaewae. Paora is a South Wairarapa District Councillor, he helped set up Wairarapa's first PHO, chairs the Wairarapa Rugby Union, and is involved in community sport and development.

Aaron Smale

Radio New Zealand Te Manu Korihi journalist Aaron Smale (Ngati Porou) covered the Waitangi Tribunal hearing into the Corrections Claim and late last year revealed the extent of the historic abuse of Maori boys in state welfare homes. Aaron draws links between these homes, gangs, drugs, imprisonment, and reoffending.

Roimata Smail and Gilbert Taurua

Roimata Smail (Ngati Maniapoto, Tainui, Ngati Kotimana me Ngati Ingarangi) is a director of law firm Braithwaite & Smail. She is representing former probation officer Tom Hemopo in his claim to the Waitangi Tribunal alleging Crown failures to reduce the number of Maori in prison and high reoffending rates. Gilbert Taurua (Ngapuhi, Ngati Kawa/Te Ati Haunui a Paparangi, Ngati Pamoana) works for the NZ Drug Foundation, promoting better drug laws for Maori. The foundation is supporting Tom Hemopo's action, known as the Corrections Claim.

Heather Te Au-Skipworth

Heather Te Au-Skipworth (Ngati Kahu, Ngati Kahungunu, Te Arawa) was inspired to start Iron Maori in 2009 after completing an Iron Man competition. Now whanau around the country train to compete in Iron Maori events, where the emphasis is on participation and encouraging one another to go the distance.

Media panel

Mihingarangi and Colin are joined by the editor of Mana magazine, Leonie Hayden, (Ngati Whatua o Kaipara te iwi, Ngati Rango te hapu) and long-serving television executive and producer, Keith Slater and RNZ Te Manu Korihi Editor Shannon Haunui-Thompson (Ngapuhi) to discuss how media presents - and misrepresents - Waitangi Day.

Hirini Kaa

Dr Hirini Kaa (Ngati Porou, Ngati Kahungunu, Rongowhakaata) is lecturer in History and Religious Studies at Auckland University. He disputes the 'cringe factor' associated with Waitangi day and says now we have carved out an opportunity each Waitangi Day to reflect on who we are as a nation - and as a process it hasn't always been pretty, but it has been profound.

Tom Furley reports from Orakei Marae

The Prime Minister, Bill English is about to arrive at the Waitangi service he's chosen to attend - Ngati Whatua's celebration at Orakei Marae in Auckland.

Overwhelming response to new Waitangi museum

It's just over a year since a new museum on the Waitangi treaty grounds opened its doors and since then about 122 thousand people have visited.

Willie Jackson plans political comeback

The broadcaster and former Alliance MP, Willie Jackson is planning a political comeback. He's announced he'll stand on the list for the Labour Party

The Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox

The Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox is at Orakei Marae in Auckland where the Prime Minister, Bill English, is due to arrive shortly.

Paula Bennett represents govt at Waitangi

Back to Waitangi now where the deputy Prime Minister, Paula Bennett, has represented the government at the dawn service on the treaty grounds.

Women on waka - Jolene Busby's story

One of the most stirring sights of Waitangi Day is the great fleet of waka that gathers each year at Te Tii.

Girl power on waka at Waitangi

This year a number of the waka that gathered at Waitangi were crewed by women. While women don't crew waka taua or war canoes - they've traditionally paddled waka tete, or fishing canoes.

Meth use is focus of hikoi to Waitangi

The scourge of methamphetamine use through out the country and in particularly the far north is the focus on this year's annual hikoi to Waitangi.

Te Tii Marae trustees have been criticised

Te Tii Marae trustees have been criticised for how they've handled commemorations at the marae this year.

Jane Patterson joins us live from Waitangi

Jane Patterson joins us live from Waitangi.

Te Tii Marae playing host to politicans under question

The future of Te Tii Marae playing host to politicans the day before Waitangi is under question, with political leaders challenging the way marae organisers have handled the event.

Waitangi Day commemorations

As you heard, as we came into the programme, Waitangi Day commemorations are already well underway at the Treaty Grounds in Waitangi.