This Way Up Oct 10th 2015 Part 1

Testing and correcting colour vision impairment, Peter Griffin with the latest tech news.


Ishihara Colour Vision Test

Ishihara Colour Vision Test Photo: Ishihara

Why do we humans and some other primates see colour, and what are the implications of being colour vision deficient?

Males are 20 times more likely to be colour vision deficient, and it all comes down to the sex chromosomes. Professor of ophthalmology and colour vision researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle Dr Jay Neitz explains the evolution of colour vision, and Don McPherson has developed glasses that correct colour vision impairment to help people see the full spectrum. And we visit Newlands Intermediate school and meet vision technician Helen Dirkze testing students' ability to see different colours.  

Tech news

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin Photo: Supplied

Peter Griffin explores the implications of the TPPA deal for consumers and copyright holders; Microsoft's latest laptop the 'Surface Book' which is getting rave reviews, and the Chinese government's on line citizen rating system, it even measures sincerity!

This Way Up Oct 10th 2015 Part 2

Menopause 3 HRT, Naked Science with Chris Smith; CNN tests Kiwi news drone.

Menopause: Part 3 - hormone replacement therapy

What is HRT or hormone replacement therapy? Director of the Women's Health Research Centre at the University of Otago and menopause expert Dr Bev Lawton discusses the risks and benefits of taking hormones in the form of a pill, patch or cream to reduce menopause's trademark hot flushes, night sweats and other symptoms that can affect a woman's life.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith of The Naked Scientists

Dr Chris Smith of The Naked Scientists Photo: SUPPLIED

Naked Scientist Dr Chris Smith with the latest science news. This week: growing a miniature kidney in a lab to help combat kidney disease and aid drug profiling.  And a warning for people with cancer taking antioxidant supplements. 

News Drones

Global news giant CNN is testing one of Napier-based Simon Morris's drones as a news gathering resource in the USA.


Altus UAS DELTA X8 Photo: Altus