Rails girls

Rails Girls is a global, non-profit volunteer community that organises workshops to teach women how to write code and to programme. Simon Morton drops into a Rails Girls workshop to meet the participants and organisers Merrin Macleod and Kelly Cheesman.

Gallery: Rails Girls workshop

Rails Girls workshop

Army ration packs

New Zealand servicemen and women worldwide chomp their way through 80,000 ration packs every year. We look at what's on the menu in the standard NZ ration pack with Major Nicola Martin and Captain Soren Hall.

Bird Sense

In his book 'Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be A Bird' the British zoologist Tim Birkhead examines how birds see and hear and experience the world around them.


A mind-controlled exoskeleton will allow a paraplegic to stand up and kick a football at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in June. We speak to Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University and the Walk Again Project.

Egypt: pigs and rubbish

Patrick Kingsley lives and works as a journalist in Cairo where pig farming is making an unlikely comeback, and where the city's informal army of rubbish collectors is taking control of waste collection back from big business.

3D printing food

A 3D printer for food called the Foodini is trying to take over your kitchen; but do we really need it? We speak to Lynette Kucsma of Natural Machines.