Wastewater analysis

From toothpaste to amphetamines, what our wastewater reveals about the chemicals and other stuff we use and consume. With Daniel Burgard of the University of Puget Sound and Sally Gaw of the University of Canterbury.

Protein Overload?

Dr. Valter Longo of the University of Southern California has led a study looking at how too much protein from meat, eggs and dairy can harm your health. So how much is too much, and does your age matter?

Read the research.


De-extinction involves extracting DNA from an extinct species like a mammoth or a moa, and using its own genetic material to clone it in the lab. Nathaniel Rich has been looking at the current status of de-extinction for the New York Times magazine.

Naked Science

The latest news from the world of science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, controlling hurricanes using giant offshore wind farms, and defrosting a 30,000 year old virus.

The Great Indian Phone Book

In The Great Indian Phone Book, Robin Jeffrey looks at the massive impact that cellphone technology's had on Indian life and society.