Alzheimer's test?

Mark Mapstone of the University of Rochester Medical Center is working on a new way of predicting the likelihood of getting Alzheimer's Disease by analysing blood.

The global app market for smartphones and tablets is worth billions of dollars. But how easy are apps for blind people to access and navigate around? Jonathan Mosen of is helping developers make apps that are more user friendly. With Bonnie Lannom.

Tech news

Technology correspondent Peter Griffin on Australian plans to shoot space junk out of orbit with giant lasers. Also an internet-delivered TV channel joins the Freeview network, and the latest on the Ultra Fast Broadband scheme.

Amateur forecasters

Josh Oliver and Russell Voice are amateur weather forecasters from Christchurch. Their local forecasts on Facebook are going viral.

Future antibiotics

Professor Jef De Brabander's a synthetic chemist trying to create new antibiotics based on microbes found in the natural world. His new antibiotic Mangrolide A is based on micro-organisms found in mangrove swamps in the Bahamas.

The Secret World of Sleep

Penelope Lewis is a neuroscientist who's written "The Secret World of Sleep". The book looks at what our brain is doing when our body is at rest.