A smartphone app that can help you choose more nutritious food. With Dr Helen Eyles of The University of Auckland.

David Smith - miniature bottle collector

Miniature bottles

David Smith is the proud owner of the biggest miniature bottle collection we've ever seen. Probably!

Gallery: A sample of David Smith's bottle collection

Asteroid mining

Dr Martin Elvis from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre suggests that going into space and finding suitable asteroids to mine might be even harder than first thought.


In his book 'Ingenious' Jason Fagone follows the competitors in the Automotive XPRIZE. They're trying to win millions by designing a car that can do more than 40kms to the litre.

Birds: Bellbird

On the hunt for the tuneful bellbird, with our regular birdman Hugh Robertson.

Wine Pod

Greg Snell's the inventor of the Wine Pod, a 120cm tall, high-end, home wine-making appliance.