Lone luger

The Indian luger who models himself on 'Cool Runnings' and carries the medal hopes of the nation at the Winter Olympics. With Anu Anand.


Peter Westwick is co-author of 'The World in the Curl'. The book looks at the history of surfing and explains its popularity today.

Astronaut Microbiome Project

Hernan Lorenzi of the Astronaut Microbiome Project is trying to understand how the bacteria living in and on astronauts respond to zero gravity.

Naked Science

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. This time, a discovery that pinpoints the benefits of breastfeeding, and a new desensitisation treatment for potentially fatal peanut allergies.

Swarm sensing

Paulo de Souza of the CSIRO is working on a 'swarm sensing' project that involves fitting 5000 tiny sensors to honeybees in Australia to understand more about colony collapse disorder and how insects behave when they're in groups.

Space syntax

Tim Stonor the Managing Director of Space Syntax is mapping pedestrian behaviour to build better, and more sociable, cities.