Doggie day-care

We visit a doggie day-care centre, part of the booming business of caring for New Zealand's estimated 5 million pets. With Sam Banks and John Fraser of Paws in the City. life and society, pets

Inside a banana

Inside New Zealand's most popular fruit, the banana, and the sugars it contains. With Dr Bridget Stocker and Dr Mattie Timmer of Victoria University of Wellington. science, food, sugars, bananas

Vikingland and cinammon

Our Scandinavia correspondent Helen Russell on a Viking theme park in Norway, and a debate over the spices that can be used in pastries in Denmark. Denmark, Norway, spices

Tech news: Kim Dotcom, three strikes

Peter Griffin beams in with the latest on Kim Dotcom's Internet Party, and a new French study looks at the effectiveness of 'three strikes' legislation as a way of cracking down on illegal online filesharing. technology, internet, law, politics, filesharing

Natural products

Using the secrets of the natural world to make better medicines, batteries and circuit boards. With Professor Angela Belcher of MIT. technology, science

Computer recipe generator

Lav Varshney from IBM is working on project to make computers more creative in the kitchen, with a cooking and recipe algorithm. technology, science, food, recipes