Future of Antibiotics

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives but increasingly they just aren't working. So how will we find new ways to fight the infections in the future? With Dr Peter Fineran of The University of Otago and Dr Mark Jones of Wellington Hospital/Aotea Pathology.


Pathomap is a microbial census taking thousands of swabs all over New York City and its public places. Christopher Mason of the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University is leading the study.

Italy news

Tom Kington lives in Italy where the local chestnut industry is in trouble, and where birds are caking Romans and their cars and buildings with their droppings.

Birds: Starlings

Hugh Robertson spots the starling.

Naked Science

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. The origin of the first dogs and a surface that repels water as effectively as butterfly wings and nasturtiums!

Tech news

Peter Griffin with tech news. Console wars and the results of the World Internet Project New Zealand.

Belly laughs

Will Storr is a middle-aged man battling middle-age spread and shares his story with us.