Norway: Date nights and mirrors

Helen Russell on the Norwegian government's plans to reduce the country's 40 percent divorce rate through state-sanctioned date nights. Also the town using mirrors to brighten up their days.

Hunter safety

How laser technology developed here in New Zealand can keep hunters safe. With Michael Scott and Dave Grove of Hunter Safety Lab.

Burglars and buildings

How criminals use buildings and architecture to their advantage. Geoff Manaugh's writing 'The Burglar's Guide to The City'.

Chess champs

We're four games into the World Chess Championships in Chennai in India. Watching the action is John Saunders, the Associate Editor of Chess magazine.

Tony Juniper

In his book "What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?" environmentalist Tony Juniper wants to value everything nature does for us in dollars and cents.

Luke Smith of the Imperial War Museum in London is looking for New Zealand stories in a massive digital project to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.