Plane devices

US airline passengers can now use their digital gadgets for a whole flight. With Jack Nicas of The Wall Street Journal.

Tech news

With tech correspondent Peter Griffin. Are the rules for onboard gadget use likely to change here in NZ? Also Twitter's IPO and the problems facing Chorus.

Cockroach farming

The Chinese cockroach industry is booming. Already 100 cockroach farms are open for business and that number's growing fast. Barbara Demick of the Los Angeles Times has visited China's biggest cockroach farm.

Naked Science

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. How dogs communicate by wagging their tails, and IBM's plan to build a computer based on the human brain.


Charles Fernyhough explores the science of memory in his book Pieces of Light.

Sent into Space

Sent into Space lets you send anything you want into space using high altitude helium balloons. Then you retrieve your 'payload' and tell everyone about it! Chris Rose is one of its founders.

Island Olympics?

Professor John Rennie Short reckons we should hold the Olympics in the same place every 4 years. He wants to introduce a permanent Olympics venue, on an island.