Sports sensors

The Wellington Phoenix are using sports sensor technology developed here in NZ for more effective training. With Jamie Tout from VX Sport and Lee Spence, strength and conditioning coach of the Wellington Phoenix.

California news

Rory Carroll on Santa Monica's plans to restrict outdoor fitness classes, and why Hollywood's losing TV and film production work at such an alarming rate.

Ants and pesticides

How common pesticides are affecting the ways ants are behaving. Rafael Barbieri and Professor Phil Lester from Victoria University's School of Biological Science are doing the research.

Fruit flies

Professor Michael Dickinson from The University of Washington has devoted his life to studying the fruit fly.


The Spike is a locally made gadget that slots onto your smartphone. Then simply point it at a building and it maps and measures it instantly using lasers. Leon Toorenburg's Spike's inventor.

Ethan Zuckerman

In 'Rewire', Ethan Zuckerman argues that we should be doing more to broaden our horizons online.