Jellyfish are eating our food, shutting down our power plants, and stinging us! In her book 'Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean' Lisa-ann Gershwin looks at the abundance of jellyfish in the world's oceans, and what this means for us.

Naked Science

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. A discovery about what's happening inside our brains when we sleep, and a possible cure for baldness.


Dr. Sascha Topolinski has found that eating popcorn makes us a lot less receptive to advertising.

Bees and exhaust fumes

How engine exhausts interfere with honeybees' ability to forage for pollen and nectar. Professor Guy Poppy of The University of Southampton did the research.

Digital distraction

A new device stops anyone disturbing you by putting all your distractions on hold. With Paul Chipperton, the CEO of CanFocus.

Tech news: TIN 100

Peter Griffin looks at the booming NZ tech sector.

Birds: Royal Spoonbill

We're on the hunt for that most regal of waterfowl, the Royal Spoonbill, with Hugh Robertson.