Crime Scene Investigation:NZ

Rob Knight is an expat New Zealander finding ways to use the microbes living in us and on us to help solve murders and explain mysterious deaths.

Massive market

La Central de Abasto in Mexico City covers 327 hectares, making it the biggest fresh produce market on the planet. Nicola Twilley from is there.


In his book 'The Lost Art of Finding Our Way', John Huth looks at traditional navigation methods and our modern reliance on digital technology. Also some of the challenges facing practicing Muslims as they locate Mecca five times a day for prayers. With Sheikh Mohammed Amir, imam of the Wellington Mosque in Kilbirnie, and Jasim Adam.

Riders For Health

For nearly 25 years Andrea Coleman's been campaigning to improve access to healthcare in Africa.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with news that Google and Facebook have changed the fineprint so more of your personal information can be seen and shared.

Giant Hornets

Jon Kaiman is a journalist based in Beijing. He's travelled to Shanxxi province to find out more about the giant killer hornets of North West China.

Compatibility Gene

In his book 'The Compatibility Gene' Professor Daniel Davis tries to decipher the mysteries and complexities of our immune systems.