Professor Nita Farahany of the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy has been studying the rise of "neurolaw" in US criminal cases.

Airborne microbes

The airborne invaders landing on our shores. Professor Steve Pointing is the director of the Institute for Applied Ecology at AUT.

The Simpsons' mathematical secrets

Simon Singh's new book 'The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets' explores the many maths connections to the famous family living in Springfield.


f.lux is a bit of software that subtly changes the colour of your computer, tablet and phone screen to help you sleep well. With Michael Herf of f.lux.

Artificial limbs

Max lost his leg in a motorbike accident and he's about to have an artificial leg fitted. Plus the future of prosthetics with Professor Mark Miodownik, author of 'Stuff Matters'.

Animal time perception

Kevin Healy's studying how 34 different animals, including the tuatara, perceive time.


StepJockey rates staircases to show how many calories you burn when you take the stairs rather than the lift. Tests show that up to 29 percent more people take the stairs when they're labelled. With Helen Nuki.