Better buses

Scott Thorne and David Rundle of NZ Bus are using real time, on-board sensors to monitor how comfortable bus rides are for passengers.

Kosher Food

Why are so many non-Jewish consumers choosing kosher food? With Timothy Lytton the author of 'Kosher: Private Reegulation in the Age of Industrial Food' (Harvard University Press) and kosher certifier Rabbi Isaac Mizrahi of The Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority.

Radio Power

Vincent Liu is part of a team from the University of Washington that's turning radio waves into power.

Italy: Tiramisu and Hadrian's tunnels

The creamy dessert tiramisu is at the centre of a political battle over its cultural heritage in Italy. Also wine-makers try to recreate the wines of the ancient Romans. With Tom Kington in Rome.

Birds: Morepork

On the hunt for the morepork with birdman Hugh Robertson.


'Nutritionism' is the word Gyorgy Scrinis uses to describe the food industry's infatuation with nutritional information on packaging. He reckons it's being used to divert attention away from the real nasties on the ingredients list!