Driving lessons

The team of volunteers teaching refugee women how to drive. With Naomi Tocher at ChangeMakers Refugee Forum, learner drivers Abeba Yehdegela and Julia Tha, and Valerie Townsend of the 'Turning the Curve: Refugee Women Drive' project.

A Sting in the Tale

Dave Goulson is the founder of The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. He's been looking at the impact of pesticide use on the environment, and is worried that our pollinators are in peril.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith with some news from Western Australia.

Denmark: dating and TV porn

Helen Russell on the dating website with a difference- all the members want to have kids! Also a big Scandinavian hotel chain pulls the plug on its TV porn channels.

3D printing planes

Using 3D printing to build lighter and more aerodynamic planes. With Michael Hayes, the Technical Lead Engineer of Boeing's Additive Manufacturing Research & Development team.

Tech: Facebook scams and new Nintendo

Charles Arthur beams in with the latest from the world of technology. This week, the people making hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook scams, and Nintendo goes back to 2D with its new gaming console.