Radio telescopes

Professor Steven Tingay from Curtin University in Perth is working on the build-up to the Square Kilometre Array. It will be the world's biggest and most powerful radio telescope.

Tech news

Peter Griffin on the controversy over broadband pricing rates, using the crowd to fund business ventures, and biometrics going mainstream with the launch of a new smartphone.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith beams in. This week, using Australian tarantula venom as a pesticide, and how some hopping insects have evolved 'gearboxes' to synchronise their massive leaps.

Extreme weather

If you claim to live in the hottest town or the rainiest village you can expect a call from Randy Cerveny, the World Meteorological Organisation's rapporteur on Extreme Records.

The Bristol Pound

The Bristol Pound is an alternative currency to pounds sterling aimed at keeping more cash in the local community. As it approaches its first anniversary, we speak to director Chris Sunderland.

Planet Carnivore

Alex Renton is the author of 'Planet Carnivore'; he looks at why the world loves cheap meat so much, and what this means for the planet.

World's biggest Ferris wheel

The race to build the world's biggest Ferris wheel. With Alissa Walker from Los Angeles.