Suing Big Food

American lawyer Don Barrett's working on a legal team that's filed more than 30 lawsuits against some of the world's biggest food companies. They claim that 'Big Food' is lying to consumers by mislabelling their products.

The football factory

The private soccer academy where everyone wants to be a star. With director Nate Winkel and players Riley Kelliher, James Wypych and Cory Brown of the Olé Football Academy in Porirua.

Family tech use

Everyone's using the internet, PCs, laptops and handheld gadgets, so how can families keep tabs on how all this tech gets used in the home? With IT specialist Adrian Hayes of Security

Running Evolution

Evolutionary biologist Professor Daniel Lieberman says humans are unique in being able to run for long distances, and that this gives us a big advantage when it comes to hunting.


How mathematical principles can unlock the secrets of running, jumping and swimming. With the author of 'Mathletics', John Barrow.