Dr Robert Lustig is a professor of paediatrics at the University of California who's been studying the effects of sugar on appetite and the human body. He reckons sugar is toxic and addictive and is linked to a host of the world's health problems.

Smart TVs

Peter Griffin test drives the latest 'smart' TVs. They all connect to the internet, but that's where it starts getting tricky!

Birds: Grey Warbler

On the hunt for the grey warbler with Hugh Robertson.

Jamaica food

Damien Cave of The New York Times has just been in Jamaica looking at the food crisis facing the country, and the government's unconventional solution.

Tech news: Chrome and click-farming

Charles Arthur beams in with the from the world of technology. This week, security concerns with Google's Chrome internet browser, and 'click-farming' in the digital sweatshops of Bangladesh.

Edible Geography

Nicola Twilley of's just been to see one of the world's biggest yeast collections. Also the New York Public Library digitises thousands of old restaurant menus.