Mars mission

It's almost a year since NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover touched down on the red planet. We ask Robin McKie, science and technology editor for The Observer, what we've learned.

Family history

Brad Argent from is a speaker at the Family History Fair taking place in Auckland this weekend; so who do you think you are?

GE oranges?

Amy Harmon of the New York Times has been looking at the problems facing Florida orange growers and how these could be solved using genetic engineering.

Citizen science meets birdwatching and technology on the eBird website. It's a massive online database creating a giant global birdwatching community that updates in real time. With Marshall Iliff, leader of the eBird Project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and local eBird users Nikki McArthur and Susanne Govella.


Pieter Wilhelmus farms multi-coloured freshwater crayfish or koura in the Wairau Valley near Blenheim.