Do you get spam? How modern day spammers are using social networks to harvest our personal data to make their requests so much more convincing, it's called 'spear phishing'. Finn Brunton has just written Spam: a shadow history of the internet (MIT Press)

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith and this week how the moon affects how we sleep plus controlling blood clotting with a laser and a smart scalpel that can tell the difference between healthy cells and cancerous ones.

Population 10 Billion!

10 billion is the number of people projected to be living on the planet by 2100. So are we heading towards a demographic crisis? Where will we all live, what will we eat and how much will it cost for a flat white? Danny Dorling is professor of human geography at Sheffield University, his book 'Population 10 Billion the coming demographic crisis and how to survive it'.

Polish Pierogi

We're making Polish dumplings, called pierogi. Most food cultures have a spin on the dumpling and these wee treats are delicious. Cooking pierogi with the Lepionka family

Tech News

Peter Griffin looks at the plan in the UK to filter the web for pornography and other adult content, how Twitter and television are merging plus CloudCode v2.0 is a code of practice for NZ cloud computing operators that's good news for consumers.