Mega vitamins warning

Dr Paul Offit and his new book 'Killing us softly: the sense and nonsense of alternative medicine' explains why mega vitamins can be bad for your health.

The Restart Project is teaching consumers to repair and reuse their broken devices, and hopes to change our relationship with the stuff we buy.

Project Loon

Project Loon is Google's plan to provide internet access to the world from balloons that float around in the stratosphere, a bold idea and the concept was recently tested in Canterbury.

Walk across America advice for a young man

Andrew Forsthoefel set out at the age of 23 to walk across America, East to West, 6500 kilometres and wearing a sign that said, "Walking to Listen." Andrew didn't intend to make a radio story, he just wanted to listen to people and he did just that.

Time Warped

As you get older, has time seemed to speed up? Claudia Hammond has spent a lot of time thinking about time - her new book is 'Time Warped unlocking the mysteries of time perception'.