Forensic entomology

Using insects to solve crimes and other mysteries. We meet forensic entomologist Dallas Bishop.

Naked Science

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, the way the H7N9 flu virus can pass from bird to human is revealed. Plus a way to safely sterilise medical equipment in the remotest parts of the world, using only the sun and a few million nanoparticles!

Positively stressed

Do you get anxious before getting an injection or before surgery? Well that's good news, because new research by Firdaus Dhabhar at Stanford University shows that we respond better to vaccinations and heal faster if we get a bit stressed out beforehand!

Tech news: Nethui

Peter Griffin spent a chunk of last week at Nethui, where geeks and peeps get together to discuss all things digital. We'll look at hot hui topics, including proposed changes to the way the government gets its hands on our data.

India: cheap food and telegrams

Anu Anand lives in India where state-run telegrams are about to come to a stop STOP Also the Indian government plans one of the world's biggest cheap food programmes.