Wild Meat

As the owner of Premium Game in Blenheim, Allan Spencer works with a team of other hunters to bring wild pigs, rabbits, goats and deer into our food shops.

Boring TV

Norway's trying to put the slow and the sedate back into TV entertainment! Ellen Emmerentze Jervell of the Wall Street Journal's a big fan of this boring TV genre.

Contagious clapping

Dr Richard Mann from the University of Uppsala is studying applause and how it spreads.


225-million people worldwide belong to this professional networking website LinkedIn. Jesse Hempel of Fortune is looking at the LinkedIn phenomenon.

LED 'pinkhouses'

Professor Cary Mitchell at Purdue University is working on a new way of lighting indoor crops with coloured LEDs, developed so astronauts could grow veggies in space.

Tech news: wearable computing

Charles Arthur's been trying out some wearable computing. He's just had a play with Google Glass and gives us his verdict.