Circadian cabbages

Why the time of day's important when it comes to eating your fruit and veg. Professor Janet Braam of Rice University's monitoring picked cabbages under different light conditions.

Making skis

Alex Herbert hand-makes skis. We drop into the Kingswood Ski factory in Christchurch to see how it's done.

Naked Science: joint replacements and aspirin

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, aspirin's anti-cancer properties, and a new glue to keep hip replacements and other artificial joints in place.

Streaming sports

Chris Wagner works for NeuLion, a US company that broadcasts 40,000 live events every year online. Now NeuLion's beaming English Premier League football games into New Zealand homes via the web; so what can viewers expect?


We talk to Craig Robertson about the passport's past and how it's changing in the digital age.


For the past 21 years Professor Tim Spector and researchers at the Department of Twin Research have been studying 3,500 pairs of twins worldwide.