Tech news: internet TV

Peter Griffin on what the move to screening English Premier League football matches online means for internet TV here in New Zealand.

Garlic: history and NZ grower

Ted Meredith with a history of garlic and John Murphy's a commercial garlic grower based in Blenheim.

What's in our milk?

A listener's question about how fresh our milk is, and what goes into it. With Dr David Everett.

Rapid Evolution

How some American cliff swallows have evolved to avoid ending up as roadkill. Mary Bomberger Brown of The University of Nebraska has been studying groups of these swallows for the past 30 years.


Dr Adam Burgess has been looking at why people wear surgical facemasks in Japan, where about 10 percent of the population wear them regularly. Also pathologist Mark Jones tests out a few masks to show if and how they work.