World's biggest pollination event

Dr Adam Hart has been looking at the world's biggest pollination event that goes on amid the California almond groves.

Birds: Sparrow

Hugh Robertson speaks to us about the bird that can fit in the palm of your hand, carries salmonella, and likes to eat in cafes: the sparrow!

Forkless life

Darius Kazemi has vowed to live a fork-free existence for 30 days.

Tech news

Charles Arthur's the tech editor of The Guardian. It broke the story about the US National Surveillance Agency's secret Prism surveillance program. We ask him how the story's moved in the past week.

Earth Microbiome Project

The Earth Microbiome Project is a bold initiative to catalogue all of the microbes that live with us here on earth. Professor Janet Jansson is working on the project.

Foraged beer

Scandinavian and Nordic cuisine has become the next big thing over the past few years. Now Danish brewers are applying similar principles to their beer. Helen Russell lives and works in Denmark.

Science news

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, a new gene therapy to treat eye disease and an interesting theory about how people choose their children's names.