Cicada swarmaggedon

Up to 1 trillion cicadas are emerging from a 17-year stay underground to overrun parts of the eastern USA. Professor Mike Raupp is an entomologist from the University of Maryland who loves cicadas.

Fasting Diets

Dr Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley Photo: Supplied

Fasting diets seem to be all the rage nowadays, but what are they and do they actually work? Dr Michael Mosley's co-author of 'The Fast Diet'.

Indian film industry

The Indian film industry produces 1000 films and sells 3 billion cinema tickets every year and it's celebrating its centenary. Anu Anand lives in Delhi and is a big cinema fan.

Bollywood dreams

Can a slightly overweight, balding, white guy break into Bollywood?! Simon Morton tries to make his dream of becoming a star of these all-singing, all-dancing movies, a reality.

Gnome ban

We're speaking to gardening historian Twigs Way about the lifting of the gnome ban at the Chelsea Flower Show.