Rice Cooking

We're cooking basmati rice four different ways- rapid boil, absorption, in a rice cooker and the microwave- to find out which tastes best. With Julie Clark of Floridita's.


A listener's questions about toasters and toasting. Why is it so darn hard to get some breads to toast properly, and how long should your toaster last? We're testing toasters with Bill Whitley of consumer.org.nz.

Tech news

Tech news with Peter Griffin. This week, Google launches its own music streaming service. Also one woman's fight to get intimate photos of her taken offline.

Brain roadmap

Professor David Edwards is the director of the Centre For The Developing Brian at King's College, London. He's leading an ambitious project to map the development of the human brain in the months just before and after birth.

Japanese mascots

Justin McCurry on the important role that mascots play in Japanese life. Life-size characters in dress-up suits are powerful ways to educate Japanese consumers, from encouraging you to pay your taxes to telling you how to vote.