Smoking fish

Is the smoked fish you buy in the supermarket really smoked or just painted with smoke flavouring? With food technologist Torben Sorensen.

Surf clams

We get our toes wet in Marlborough as we harvest surf clams with Ant Piper of Cloudy Bay Clams.

Lego school

Helen Russell has visited Billund in Denmark, the home of Lego, where the giant toy company has started building schools.

Basmati rice

Dr Graeme MacRae of Massey University has just got back from Nepal and India where he's been studying the origins and culture of basmati rice.

Oslo heating

About half of the buildings in the Norwegian capital Oslo, and most of its schools, are heated by burning rubbish. John Tagliabue of The New York Times has been in Oslo looking at its waste-to-energy programme.

Tech news

Tech news with Charles Arthur of The Guardian. This week, 3D-printing handguns and measuring news in tweets per minute!