Making Salt

We're making 'solar salt' at Lake Grassmere in Marlborough, turning seawater into table salt with a little help from the wind and the sun. With Dominion Salt's site manager Gavin Williams, brineman Des McMillan, and salt harvesters Mark Morgan and Simon Bonniface.

UK News

Chris Parkin in the UK, where cosmetic surgery cases have tripled over the past 5 years and now there's calls for greater regulation. Also the London primary school using mud huts in the playground to combat aircraft noise from Heathrow Airport.

Naked Science

Dr Chris Smith with the latest on the H7N9 bird flu outbreak in China. Plus a timely paper in 'Nature' on a drug that blocks flu infections, and how honey helps bees stay healthy and cope with pesticides.

Salt, Sugar, Fat

Investigative journalist Michael Moss has just written 'Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us'.

Tech News

Tech correspondent Peter Griffin with news of the arrival of the international online review service Yelp in New Zealand. Also a slightly sinister search engine called Shodan lets you search for unprotected webcams and other net-enabled gadgets.