Pine nuts

Lee Paterson of Pinoli is growing pine nuts in Marlborough.

US cold chain

We chill out with Nicola Twilley of the Edible Geography blog. She's about to open a new exhibition in Los Angeles called 'The Artificial Cryosphere: A Guide to America's Cold Chain'.

Endangered lice

With body hair removal all the rage, the poor pubic louse has nowhere to live! Professor Basil Donovan of The Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales is seeing a huge decline in the number of cases he's treating.

Naked Science

Naked Scientist Dr Chris Smith on patenting genes, and a new technique to help you remember stuff.

Birds: kaka

Birdman Hugh Robertson is on the trail of the kaka, one of New Zealand's three species of parrot.

Tech news

Charles Arthur beams in with the latest from the world of technology.

Digital camouflage

Adam Harvey is designing urban camouflage to protect you from surveillance in the digital age.