Machinima is a video site targeted at computer gamers that's becoming one of the world's biggest entertainment networks. Neal Pollack's been looking at the Machinima phenomenon.

Bike library

Alex Revell drops in on a library with a difference. He visits the school-based bicycle library in Lower Hutt that lends out bikes not books.

Technology time

Technology correspondent Peter Griffin on Google's glasses. Also, new laws that mean the big telcos will be forced to intercept phone calls and emails to help the police and other law enforcement agencies.

India news

We head to India where rampaging elephants threaten voters in some upcoming local elections. Also, fighting poaching with drones, and how India's become the pharmacy for the developing world. Anu Anand reports.


Gary Burns loves figs and grows them near Blenheim.

Smart homes

Dr Marilyn McGee-Lennon of The University of Glasgow is designing smart homes filled with smart devices that could revolutionise caring for the elderly.