Dope on the slopes

With 150 climbers summiting Everest last year, and paying up to $100,000 for the privilege, more and more climbers are using drugs to help them get to the top. With Devon O'Neil of Outside Magazine.


Catchbox is a not-for-profit community fishing cooperative keeping consumers connected with their local fishing fleet. John Clark is a marine biologist who started Catchbox in the UK.

Proxy marriages

A 'proxy marriage' is basically a wedding where one or both parties are not physically present but are represented by someone acting with their authority. Sarah Maslin Nir of the New York Times attended a proxy marriage recently and explains why the practice is causing some concern.

Smart food labels

Stephen Currie of Insignia Technologies is working on a dynamic food label that changes as your food ages.


Craig Shepherd is The Duckman! He runs a duck and waterfowl hospital and breeds the endangered brown teal.

Tech news

The latest tech news with Charles Arthur. This week, the right to delete your digital past gets debated by the EU. Also the fall of the personal computer continues, with PC sales down for the fourth straight quarter.